APD warns public about gas pump skimmers Web Staff
March 03, 2017 05:08 PM

Crooks stealing credit or debit card information are nothing new. Not long ago, police found a skimmer at a Nusenda bank on the west side.


It's a card reading device sneakily installed over the ATM slot. Police say there are ways to spot them.

"Physically hold onto where you swipe your card, the card reader," Albuquerque Police Department Detective Jennifer Weber said. "Try to move it around a little bit. If it moves at all, there's a good chance that ATM has been compromised with."

Police say some bad guys also often put them on card readers at gas stations. It's all with the same intent: to get the card's information and empty bank accounts. APD says some have taken it to another level.

"In the past we've seen the skimmers placed over the scan reader, but these types of skimmers are actually being placed inside the machine," APD Public Information Officer Fred Duran said.

APD says the method is sophisticated and admits investigators are a bit stumped right now.       

"These ones are like a ribbon wire-type setup that go inside the machine," Duran said. "So we're not really sure how they're putting them inside."

Because of that, police say you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at the card reader or fiddling with it. APD says they need to check every single station in the city.

"Anybody in Albuquerque that buys gas could be a victim," Duran said.

For now, police say to skip paying at the pump and pay with cash.

"It's going to be back to like the 1980s when we used to do stuff, paying for everything inside, but only for a few weeks until we can get this stuff taken care of," Duran said.

APD says there's a possibility the skimmer scammers could have done their work all over New Mexico.

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