Innkeepers association push to tax Airbnbs like other hotels

Kasia Gregorczyk
July 26, 2016 05:31 PM

The Albuquerque Innkeepers Association plans to push for an ordinance that will tax Airbnbs the same way all other hotels and motels are taxed in the city.


The taxes proposed are no different than anything all other hotels in Albuquerque already pay. The ordinance just aims to include Airbnbs and keep it fair.

They're doing the same thing in Santa Fe and Taos.

“We want to make it a level playing field and really I think it's going to be a win-win for everyone,” said Charlie Gray, a spokesperson for the Greater Albuquerque Innkeepers Association.

Under the proposed city ordinance, Airbnb would pay the standard 5 percent lodgers tax and a 1 percent hospitality tax, revenue that some believe the city could seriously benefit from.

“This is one way that the City of Albuquerque can step into the 21st century and collect the revenue that they really need to provide the goods and services that they do,” said Susan Wheeler-Deichsel, an Airbnb host.

Wheeler-Deichsel has been hosting through Airbnb for eight years. She said while she knows not everyone is on board, she's all for the proposal.

“I’m a very enthusiastic supporter of such a move by an agreement between Airbnb and the City of Albuquerque,” she said. “It's about time.”

The proposal has a way to go before making it to Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry’s desk. Right now, taxing Airbnb hosts is only a proposed ordinance. Nothing has been drafted and presented to city council yet.

However, Berry said it's a valid discussion to be had.

“We should bring the folks that are involved with Airbnb to the table,” he said. “We should bring traditional hoteliers to the table and talk about a way to make sure that everybody can prosper and thrive on an evening playing field.”


Kasia Gregorczyk

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