Nob Hill shop owner optimistic about ART completion |

Nob Hill shop owner optimistic about ART completion

Joy Wang
March 18, 2017 08:35 PM

It's been months of dodging orange cones, dealing with traffic, and all the headaches that come with construction.


For many local businesses, it's also been tough to get by. But one nob hill store owner calls all of this a welcome challenge.

Schushop is right off of Central, and right across the street from the Carlisle building that burned a few months ago.

While foot traffic has slowed down, the store owner says their workload picked up.

If there's one thing the owner of Schushop says they're good at, it's keeping first-time customers coming back.

“Our customers are much more than customers,” said Michele Schuch who owns the Schushop. “We've really created relationships with them, and it's such a special place when this is full of people and people are interacting.”

For five years, she's been building her business in Nob Hill.

But with all the negativity around the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project things have been tough.

“Change is never easy,” said Schuch. “Construction anywhere is never going to be easy, but we are really looking forward to what will happen when it's all done.”

That's why in the meantime they're keeping themselves busy and staying positive, trying new things like taking their shop out of Nob Hill for a Girl's Night Out.

“We are basically going to take the whole shop with us,” explained Shuch. “Set it up in a little booth and be visible to a whole new group of people.”

It’s a project she probably wouldn't have tried if it weren't for art.

“It's definitely provided us new avenues to sort of think outside the box in things that we sort of thought before, ‘oh we don't have the energy or the time or the resources,’” said Schuch. “But now it's like well we'll find the energy time and resources.”


Joy Wang

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