Thieves targeting homes during funerals |

Thieves targeting homes during funerals

Erica Zucco
March 16, 2017 06:13 PM

Grieving the loss of a family member is tough enough on its own, but an Albuquerque family says a thief or thieves made that pain worse by violating their loved one’s memory.


Now they’re sharing a warning for anyone burying someone they care about.

An empty garage, a broken window and a bent door frame are what’s left after a thief preyed on a vulnerable Albuquerque family during one of the toughest times they’ve experienced.

“I'm not too concerned about the property; more the effect of the invasion of privacy and the way that it came about, on such a terrible day for us,” the man shared.

During a funeral for his mom, relatives say someone broke into her house, where they ransacked rooms, stole her car and scattered photos across the floor.

“We were just so happy to be done with all of the services and putting her to rest and just to come into another situation was just devastating,” her daughter-in-law said.

The couple believes it all started with her obituary, where someone may have taken information about the time for her funeral and used it to target her home.

“From now on I wouldn't give out the services or when you're going to be gone for a funeral in the obituaries, that's something that maybe the mortuaries can start considering (sharing),” they said.

The family wants police to find the suspect, and they say they wouldn’t mind getting their car back. But above all, they want you to know thieves are targeting homes of people during their funerals when it’s likely no ones there.

“You can let your neighbors know that the house is going to be vacant from this time to this time because we're going to be at a funeral, can you please keep an eye on it,” her son said.

They want to stop the pain they’re feeling from reaching anyone else. They recommend listing contact information instead of a date and time for the funeral, so people interested in attending can contact someone and get the information privately.


Erica Zucco

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