Victims in alleged road rage incident: 'It was scary' |

Victims in alleged road rage incident: 'It was scary'

Brittany Costello
March 20, 2017 10:14 PM

Driving on New Mexico roadways can be scary. Many lives have been lost simply because of road rage.


It almost happened again Saturday. A couple is accused of following a family to their home and attacking them with knives.

The incident all started after a woman asked a driver at a stop sign to move in the Walgreens parking lot, according to a police report. The car had been sitting at the stop sign for quite some time, according to the victim in the other car, Taleea.

“There were like three or four cars that already honked at her and went around,” said Taleea, who did not want to include her last name. “So I had asked her, ‘You need to move, like what are you doing here?’”

The other car was driven by 37-year-old Desiree Sanchez with a passenger, 37-year-old Samuel Salmeron, according to a police report.  But being asked to move seemed to flip a switch.

“After that she got upset about it and she followed me all the way down Isleta, and like right here, there's an Auto Zone and she tried to cut me off right there,” Taleea said.

That's not all. The car ended up rear ending them, following them all the way home. They followed them from Isleta, to Blake then ended on DeVita, according to Taleea.

The whole time, her nephew was calling for help.

“It was scary because I was just on the phone with dispatch,” said Elijah, Taleea’s nephew. “I was just trying to get the authorities involved as fast as I could.

When they got to the house, they said Salmeron jumped out of the car.

“The boyfriend gets out and comes at me with a knife. He was trying to stab me,” Elijah said.

But before being attacked they said two strangers jumped in and held those suspects back.

“It was like, if they were angels coming, saving us, coming to the rescue,” Elijah said.

Sanchez and Salmeron were both arrested and are facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault and child abuse.


Brittany Costello

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