Buddy Check 4

Almost everyone knows someone who's had to battle breast cancer. The disease has touched my own family.  Thank goodness, through early detection they were able to battle the disease and survive.

If you want to do something extra special for the women you love, help them to join the Buddy Check 4 program.  On the 4th of every month, we ask women to do a monthly breast self-exam and then call their "buddy" to remind her to do the same.  Our hope is that breast cancer is discovered in its early stages, when it is most treatable.  Until there is a cure, there is Buddy Check 4 - our program designed to honor the importance of all women throughout the year.

Together we can make a difference - one "buddy" at a time.
Nicole Brady

Patients who receive treatment for breast disease often face both a wealth of appointments and questions. At Lovelace Women’s Hospital’s Breast Care Center, breast disease patients are afforded a Breast Care Navigator to help them cope with the myriad of issues involved with treatment.

A Breast Care Navigator serves as a consistent care coordinator throughout the continuum of care and a support person for both patients and families. She works to help patients and their loved ones understand and cope with breast disease, walking with them through every step of the treatment process. A Navigator also works as a facilitator of resources throughout the community, so that patients and families have access to information about everything from support groups to financial relief services. A Breast Care Navigator also serves as an educator about breast treatment options and general breast health issues. They see themselves as advocates for patients and their families. At the Breast Care Center, we understand that a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, and your Navigator is here to help – every step of the way.

A Breast Care Navigator serves as:

• A consistent care coordinator throughout the continuum of care assessing the physical, emotional and social needs of the patient.

• A support person for the breast cancer patient and their family in understanding and coping with the strong emotions and social recovery.

• A facilitator of available community resources for patients and their loved ones (such as gas vouchers, co-pay relief, transportation services, local support groups, etc.)

• An educator in breast cancer treatment options and general breast health issues.

• A personal advocate for the needs of breast cancer patients and their families.

The Lovelace Women’s Hospital Breast Care Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers for providing the highest level of quality care to its patients. Our team of breast health professionals will help you assess your risk of developing breast cancer, guide you through mammograms and clinical exams and teach you the proper method of breast self-examination. We also offer counseling, education and support programs. For more information or to schedule a clinical breast exam or mammogram, call (505) 727-6700 or visit