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  • 4 Investigates: Whistleblower says city ignores code violations in new home construction

    We all know it costs a lot to buy a new home.  You expect to get what you paid for.  But a whistleblower tells the 4 Investigates team that potentially thousands of new home buyers in Albuquerque are getting ripped off.

  • Inmate ate feces, drank urine; county put on notice

    There are sad and disturbing allegations that have surfaced about how a woman was treated in the care of a county jail.  And now, her guardians are seeking retribution for what occurred to her.

  • Indebted Desert Greens on path to pay down enormous water bills

    We all hate paying water bills -- or any bills -- but be glad you don't have to pay the water bills at a golf course.  Desert Greens Golf Course has been indebted to fellow ratepayers for years and tops the list for overdue payments, but its owners have been slowly moving toward a plan to remedy that.

  • Areas of downtown Albuquerque, Nob Hill are hottest spots for parking tickets

    We’ve all been there before: a meeting ran late, lunch took longer than expected, a store caught our attention.  Awaiting us under the windshield is a parking ticket.  For some, this kind of occurrence happens more often than not.  As a customer just wanting a great dining experience in a great neighborhood or a visit to a local, unique store, a parking ticket can shape their view of that experience. 

  • 4 Investigates: City, county leaders weigh water debt concerns

    Chances are you owe someone money.  The last thing you want to do is pay someone else's debt.  The 4 Investigates team is questioning why the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority (ABCWUA) expects people to pay mounting interest charges on often derelict and vacant properties.



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