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Paramount chair says 'A Quiet Place' sequel in the works

Paramount chair says 'A Quiet Place' sequel in the works

DeLorean widow sues for 'Back to the Future' payments

'BlacKkKlansman' star hopes Lee film starts a conversation

Universal promotes films with Cher performance, new footage

Damien Chazelle shows first footage of biopic 'First Man'

Dan The Movie Man
Dan The Movie Man
Tacando Todo
'Raising the Roof Breakfast' with The Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity.
Sides agree to drop rape lawsuit against Russell Simmons

Musicians to raise funds for Waffle House shooting victims

Review: Kat Edmonson truly sings like an 'Old Fashioned Gal'

Royal wedding recording to be available on streaming sites


Venues reject Cynthia Nixon campaign event. She blames Cuomo

MSNBC's Reid says homophobic posts were result of hack

'Fixer Upper' star debuts cookbook, talks post-show plans

'Imposters' star Inbar Lavi gets real about playing pretend

San Francisco Conservatory of Music to build new facility

Lee lawyer seeks to block suit over 'Mockingbird' production

Lawyers say others were hurt in Copperfield illusion show

Ancient skeleton of child found in ruins of Pompeii's bath

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Oliver Stone, visiting Iran, calls US a global 'outlaw'

US filmmaker Martin Scorsese wins Spain's Asturias art prize

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3 murdered Mexican film students caught in gang turf battle

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