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Court sides with human in copyright fight over monkey selfie

Woman gets prison for using someone else's tainted urine

Court sides with human in copyright fight over monkey selfie

Penn State says wilderness is too risky for outdoors clubs

Airline passenger fined after keeping free airline apple

Texas man sentenced to 50 years for $1.2M theft of fajitas

Man survives bear mauling and shark bite

Town bids farewell to iconic, 200-year-old copper beech tree

Dream job: Harley-Davidson paid interns get a motorcycle too

Strip club agrees to replace racy billboard

Elderly man calls police for ride to visit wife in hospital

Squirrel wins UC Berkeley student senate seat

It's true! Broadway was traffic-free for 2 Manhattan miles

Police rescue baby raccoon trapped under SUV hood

Officials say postal worker hoarded over 17K pieces of mail

Michigan couple gives 14th son creative middle name

Germany: Truck tips over, floods field with fish

Mom: Preschool's ban of the term 'best friend' is silly

No turkeys, please: Owner seeks gander for pet goose

Police: Man sleeping in drive-thru had pills, pipe and gun

Bus leaves Cleveland for New York, ends up in Toledo

It's (another) boy! Michigan family with 13 sons gets No. 14

Homeowner finds naked intruder in her tub, eating Cheetos

California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair

'Poop Train' full of NYC sewage raises stink in Alabama town