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Racial slur appears on Roswell school final exam

Leonard Tapia
May 12, 2017 07:38 AM

ROSWELL, N.M. -- Summer is right around the corner. That means students across the state are taking final exams.


But it’s what one exam said that has people in Roswell concerned.

In a screenshot taken by a Roswell High School student, the photo shows what appears to be an end of course exam question. The question asks, “Why are n****** black?”

KOB spoke to a Roswell High student who says she was at a loss for words when she first saw the question.

“When I first saw it you know, I was just taken back like. You know, this isn't right,” Justice Adler said. “I'm not reading this right, and then I kept reading it over and over again and I just got so angry.”

KOB reached out to the Roswell school district and the Public Education Department. Officials say they are currently reviewing a student they believe "altered and tampered with an end of course exam." The PED also said "no such question exists on the NM end of course exam" and there was "no breach of the testing platform."

But still, students like Adler say this is a matter that should not be taken lightly.

“Minorities aren't just words,” Adler said. “Like we are, we are people. Like, we have feelings.”

Others tell KOB joking or not, it's a question that’s downright unacceptable.

“It's just really ignorant you know,” said Valarie Flores, who lives in Roswell. “I hope his parents or her parents have a talk with him and juts explain you know, fun and games, you could be hurting a lot of people.”

“I have black grandchildren, ok, so it just doesn't affect black people” said Teresa Roden-Delgado, who lives in Roswell as well. “I am not black, but my grandchildren are and it affects everybody.”

The Roswell Independent School District and the Public Education Department are looking into the situation.


Leonard Tapia

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