Reported ICE raids causing fear in immigrant communities |

Reported ICE raids causing fear in immigrant communities

Joy Wang
February 17, 2017 10:17 PM

News of possible Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids is instilling fear in New Mexico, and many undocumented immigrants are now wondering what’s next.


Priscilla Tarin, a 20-year-old undocumented student, and her 10-year-old sister Samantha were terrified when ICE agents knocked on their door. Their aunt said the two can’t even live at home anymore.

"They can't hear a knock at the door without them getting scared no matter where they are," said Iris Tarin.

She explained the terrifying moment for a family she said was just trying to live the American Dream.

On Thursday morning, Isis Tarin said her nieces called her saying ICE agents were outside their house. When she got there, she said she saw three ICE vehicles and four to five agents surrounding the house. One was knocking on the door, and others were looking through the window with flashlights.

She waited for the agents to leave before going into the house.

"When I went inside, the faces on my sister in law and my nieces was that of pure terror. They couldn't even speak,” she said.

Tarin said her family is speechless and afraid of what's next. The family immediately packed up and moved out. None of them went to school that day, shaken by what had happened.

Priscilla is a DACA student, allowed by the Obama administration to study in the United States.

"She says DACA has become the perfect target for ICE because they have all the students' information,” Tarin said, “where they are, where they work, where they study, what they do."

Some supporters of DACA and undocumented immigrants say they aren't breaking the law but believe the law is breaking them. But now they’re traumatized by what happened on an early morning that now leaves them restless late at night.

"They've never been arrested,” Tarin said. “They don't owe any tickets, and they don't have any issues with the law for ICE to come knocking at their door."


Joy Wang

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