Police investigating claim couple may have urinated on Quran at library

Joy Wang
March 15, 2017 07:37 AM

There are accusations of bizarre behavior at a place normally reserved for quiet reading and research. Officials at one Santa Fe library believe a couple may have urinated on copies of the Quran, Islam's sacred book.


Library workers said there is no actual proof when it comes to showing anything being done on surveillance video, but what they do know is that the couple was making some noise and moving books around. After they left, multiple books had been damaged by liquids.

In early March, the director of libraries said the couple started showing up every few days. The couple would move books around in the library, including displaying right-wing books on tables. Sometimes they would be disruptive and loud.

The police report states the couple was seen on video using their computer and reading books. The male kept getting up and walking into the stacks, picking up different books and bringing them back. The video also shows the man handing the woman a book, too.

Police say the quality of the camera didn't show what specific books he was picking up, but the suspect can be seen going to different locations that match where the damaged books were later found, including a Bill Clinton autobiography.

Usually, there are six copies of the Quran at the library, but library workers said five of them had some sort of liquid damage. And now they're working on replacing them. It's not clear what kind of liquid damaged the books, but the police report says library workers believe it smelled of urine.

"That's very disappointing because I think libraries should be a safe place for sure," said Linda Fisher, who goes to the library. "There's just too much going on in our country right now with very little tolerance toward other people. It's very disappointing."

Library workers said at one point, the man had a knife on his belt and their truck and trailer were blocking the parking lot. They had to ask him to put the weapon away and move their vehicle.

Police are investigating what happened.


Joy Wang

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