New Mexico governor: Special session coming soon |

New Mexico governor: Special session coming soon

Kai Porter
March 18, 2017 10:43 PM

It’s not a question of if, but when with a special session be called by Governor Martinez.


"Let's talk about the time they wasted this 60 days session. Many of you saw it. The potty jokes on the floor. The singing and the dancing. Hell they even debated songs about tamales and posole," said Gov. Martinez.

After this year’s Session ended Saturday Governor Martinez says that New Mexico is now staring down the path of a government shut-down. She says Law makers will have to work fast during the session to send her a budget she will sign.

"I want them to think about what they've done to the people of New Mexico, to the families of New M Mexico. They need to understand what they've done so they can come back with that understanding and be able to fix it and do better for those who have elected them," said Gov. Martinez.

Senate Democrats held their own news conference to defend the budget. They said that raising taxes is the only way to avoid budget cuts in areas of education and healthcare.

"There's a lot of rhetoric being thrown around. And I think what you've got to do is look at the results. And look at the votes when I do that I feel very comfortable with what we did in both chambers and we fulfilled our role. And we've passed a responsible budget with recurring dollars and I think we've done our job," said Peter Wirth.

House Minority Leader Nate Gentry says the outcome was predictable.

"We've been saying since day one even before the session that we're happy to entertain the notion of generating additional revenues so long as we did that as a comprehensive tax reform and unfortunately it seemed as through many snatched defeat from, the jaws of victory," said Nate Gentry, the House Minority Leader.

The Special Session could last up to 30 days, but no one yet knows exactly how long it could last during that time frame. The session won’t be cheap either; they usually cost tax payers about $50,000 a day.


Kai Porter

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