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Chinshan Chinese helps KOB 4 Pay it 4ward to New Mexico Special Olympics

Patrick Hayes
Updated: October 27, 2020 03:13 AM
Created: October 26, 2020 08:23 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A local Chinese restaurant partnered with KOB 4 to help Pay it 4ward to the New Mexico Special Olympics.

Like many local restaurants, Chinshan Chinese in northeast Albuquerque has been impacted by the pandemic.

"We've had less traffic come through—especially for indoor,” said Kevin Tran, with Chinshan Chinese.

Although the restaurant has a loyal base of customers, the public health restrictions still hurt.

“I feel like the spirit of our restaurant really shines through when you get to come in and sit down with your friends and your family,” Tran said. "And like I said, these small business help form an identity to whatever neighborhood you're from. Which community you represent."

After the meals were cooked, the KOB 4 crew loaded up dozens of lunches to bring to the New Mexico Special Olympics.

Randy Mascorella, CEO of New Mexico Special Olympics, said her staff have been working overtime to help Special Olympic athletes during the pandemic. 

Since this year’s summer games were canceled due to COVID-19, Special Olympic staff have been encouraging athletes to focus on getting better, faster and stronger for when they are allowed to compete in-person.

In the meantime, officials have still been giving athletes medals for completing certain activities. 

"I have to tell you, I'm just so proud of the staff because they have been so creative and we would have never done some of the things we're doing now,” Mascorella said. “And a lot of what they're creating right now, we're going to continue after COVID is gone.”

With the help of Chinshan, Special Olympic employees scored another gold medal winning treat.

"All of our initial reactions had to be celebration,” Mascorella said.  “First of all, to be selected was just an honor, but second of all, just the thought of not only are we going to benefit, but the restaurant was going to benefit as well."

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