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Pay it 4ward: Pre-school teacher honored for her dedication to her students

Joy Wang
Created: January 13, 2020 10:33 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Things can get a little crazy at Miss Jeanette’s home—a place where dozens of kids look forward to visiting to play and learn.

A mother who sends her child to Jeanette Cox’s preschool said Cox has a unique way of teaching.


“For Jeanette, everything has a purpose and she has a plan for everything,” said Michelle Aigner. “Things that people would normally see as junk she turns into something glamorous and fun and incorporates that into everything she does. From teaching our children to being a part of these programs that are in our community—she loves on everybody.”

Cynthia Dunca, Cox’s nominator, said Cox moved to New Mexico from South Carolina, where she was a speech therapist.

“When she moved here she decided she wanted to be a stay at home mom, but she didn't want to give up teaching and so she has continued that in our community,” Dunca said.

A few weeks before Christmas, Cox’s basement flooded, leaving her family without their presents and her students without their classroom.

“She called me and she was like ‘You won't believe what happened,’ and what happened was she had a sewer backup in her basement,” Dunca said.

Dunca decided she wanted to Pay it 4ward to a Cox to help her replace her school supplies and to honor her skills and kindness as a teacher.

“You have been caught being kind, you have been caught being nice and you have been caught being generous with your time and your teaching skills, so I want to pay it forward,” Dunca said.

“In our family we believe we live through the good and bad with faith for a better tomorrow and the kids are a part of that,” Cox said. “We want to be the house that has all the kids in it.”

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