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Stripes Burrito Co. helps KOB 4 Pay it 4ward to daycare workers

Patrick Hayes
Updated: December 28, 2020 10:31 PM
Created: December 28, 2020 09:31 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — KOB 4 and Stripes Burrito Co. teamed up to help Pay it 4ward to the workers at Eastern Child Development Center. 

"Well we think what you guys are doing is wonderful, and it just excites us to be part of it,” said Gary Hines, co-owner of Stripes Burritos. 

KOB 4 placed a large order of food with Stripes to deliver to some deserving daycare workers. 

"Well we really appreciate just your local support for companies that are here local,” Hines said. “We try to give our give back with VA hospital and I think the more people that do this, the better off our city will be."

Even though indoor dining is shut down, Hines said food still remains a bright spot for many people. 

“When people are eating– it's probably the happiest moment of the day for them in most cases,” he said.

Each lunch included a famous Stripes chicken sandwich, tacos and french fries.

After loading up the food, KOB 4 drove around the corner to the Eastern Child Development Center in southeast Albuquerque. 

Officials at the development center have spent the pandemic helping children with learning. 

"We have teachers who sit in here and help the children online from kindergarten to 7th grade,” said Starrkesha Ward, supervisor at Eastern Child Development Center. 

Ward said families in the area rely on these centers for education, food and other types of services. 

"We help the kids engage, and learn, and get them where they need to be for when they start school,” she said.

That’s why KOB 4 wanted to Pay it 4ward to them, and thank them for their contributions during the pandemic. 

"It means a lot just to know we're being recognized for what we do because a lot we are not recognized for it,” she said.


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