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ABQ City Councilor Pat Davis defends record as a police officer amid calls for his resignation

Patrick Hayes
Created: June 25, 2020 10:20 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A local non-profit, progressive advocacy group is criticizing its founder and current city council member for his actions as a city leader and former police officer.

On Thursday, ProgressNow New Mexico posted an article on its website accusing City Council President Pat Davis of upholding racist institutions and urging him to step down from his many roles including city council.

According to the group, Davis has not been with them since 2017. However, his name is often associated with the organization.

“ProgressNow New Mexico finds it imperative to continue calling out racism when we see it and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions,” said Alissa Barnes, Executive Director of ProgressNow New Mexico.

Davis did not want to be interviewed, but he did provide KOB 4 with a statement. 

“In two elections, voters have sent me to City Hall because I talked authentically and honestly about the problematic training and culture of policing that I was introduced to," Davis said. "I left that job to fix it, and no one will disagree that I’ve been effective implementing changes to do that."

According to the article, Davis’ "troubling actions" started when he was a police officer in Washington D.C., and shot a Black man during a traffic stop.

Some charges were dropped during the grand jury proceedings but the suspect, Moses Bell, did plead guilty to gun charges and was sentenced to 18 months behind bars.

A judge also dismissed Bell’s civil case against Davis and the city’s police department.

Still, ProgressNow New Mexico does not think the city councilor reflects their current values.

The group’s website reads: “We want to make it clear: Davis’ case is not an issue of a “reformed cop”. In fact, Davis has continued to uphold racist institutions- most recently contracting with Adrian Carver’s June 2020 campaign for Bernalillo County Commission in which Davis supported (and at worst crafted) a racist, sexist mailer targeting Carver’s opponent, County Commissioner-elect Adriann Barboa, for the possession of medical marijuana. While the community and many elected officials denounced the mailer, Davis doubled down on his endorsement of Carver and once again upheld racist systems that hurt our families.”

Davis told KOB he’s been an effective leader since being elected to city council. 

“My evolution, from an officer trained to fight the war on drugs and criminalize communities of poverty and color, into a policy leader who has decriminalized marijuana, passed sanctuary city legislation, and passed laws giving sweeping new civilian oversight powers over APD, is exactly the type of culture change we want to see in policing across the country, and especially here in Albuquerque.”

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