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Albuquerque Academy students, staff make PPE for health care workers

Tessa Mentus
Created: May 05, 2020 06:35 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — There is no age or degree necessary to do something for someone. Students and Albuquerque Academy are proving that.

"I'm stuck in quarantine, right, school wasn't really happening yet, and I felt like I just wanted to do something to help,” said Albuquerque Academy student Rosa Bieber-Stanley.

Bieber-Stanley knew that frontline health care workers needed masks, so she knew what she had to do. She has sewn more than 200 masks in a month and is shipping them to areas in the state that have been hit the hardest by COVID-19 like San Juan and McKinley County.

"We looked at the pattern they sent, and I just started making those, they kind of look like that,” she said.

Meanwhile,12-year-old Albuquerque Academy student Maile Maldonado was busy with her own contribution by crocheting hundreds of face mask adjusters for local health care workers.

"I was thinking about ways to help and then my mom has some social media friends who are in the medical field and said these were amazing, and since I like to crochet I was like, Oh, that sounds like fun.’ And then my great aunt, she sent me a video to get started, and some supplies, and then we just started crushing them,” Maldonado said.

Yet there’s even more help for these workers coming out of Albuquerque Academy. Tia Turner, a 7th grader teacher in the science department, helps students engineer with 3D printers.

When those printers aren’t creating student projects, they’re easing some stress for doctors, nurses and anyone else having to live in a mask these days.

Turner said they started printing masks after a parent had reached out.

"She had asked us to 3D print these mask strap adjusters that she had seen advertised somewhere on social media,” she said.

"As we get more of those requests in, continue to print them and send them out to coworkers or just anybody who finds themselves needing this mass strap adjuster,” she added.

Between the three of them, Maldonado, Turner, and Bieber-Stanley have shipped close to a thousand masks, caps and mask adjusters to health care workers, but also to those on the front lines in national hotspots.

The three have lived up to the Academy’s creed and further proved that it will take more than a pandemic to stop New Mexicans from being there for one another.

"We want our students to serve their country community with wisdom conviction and compassion and I think this is a good, good way for that to happen,” said Kevin Fowler, Albuquerque Academy Computing Chair.

"We're very fortunate to have great students and great colleagues and a great, great community that needs some help right now,” he added.

To learn more about Rosa Bieber-Stanley’s mask-making efforts, click here.

To get information regarding the 3D printed face mask straps or Maile Maldonado’s crocheted mask straps, contact Albuquerque Academy through social media.

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