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Albuquerque RV business assembles care packages for people in need

Brittany Costello
Created: March 30, 2020 10:02 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— An Albuquerque business is lending a helping hand to people by teaming up with leaders and community activists to deliver care packages throughout the state.

Chisolm Trail RV said it started out with lunch deliveries but turned into much more. With the help of people who work here, and those who volunteer, they are packaging upwards of 50 care boxes filled with necessities.

“I try to get some type of meat product, canned goods, water, toilet paper,” said Rosella Erin Chisolm, part owner of Chisolm Trail RV. “If we don’t have toilet paper, paper towels, anything we can get to give them something.”

Chisolm Trail RV is a family business that is rooted in New Mexico. Chisolm said she got started a few weeks ago after she saw a need in the community.

They started by delivering lunches to neighbors then found out that some people needed more than a meal. Chisolm recruited some of her employees, and dozens of volunteers, and also reached out to State Auditor Brian Colón. 

“Trying to make a difference and have a deep impact to lift up New Mexico, lift up Albuquerque, make sure people know that we’re here for them and that we’re in this together,” said State Auditor Brian Colón.

Chisolm Trail RV has spent money out of their own pockets and received donations from organizations to make sure they are able to leave their boxes—and some hope—on people’s doorsteps.

“We don’t allow any contact, so we don’t get to see them at all,” said Chisolm. “When we drop off a box, we let them know when we’re already gone. We have letters coming in saying thank you. We’ve had text messages, voicemails—it’s just been amazing to see what this community is doing.”

Colón said the gratitude from people is just a perk.

“It takes a lot of humility to be able to say, ‘You know, I need help’ and that’s why we’re providing no barriers to access. If you have the heart to ask for help, then we’re going to say yes—and we’ve said yes, every single time,” Colón said.

Chisolm Trail RV is accepting donations for boxes, including the boxes themselves. People can bring their donations to the Albuquerque location or the Chisolm Trail RV location in Aztec, New Mexico.

People in need of a care package are encouraged to send a message to Brian Colón on his Facebook page or call him at (505)-270-2154.

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