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Cosby accuser living in New Mexico reacts to verdict Web Staff
April 26, 2018 10:08 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A jury found entertainer Bill Cosby guilty of sexual assault in his retrial Thursday. Andrea Constand is the only woman out of 50 whose testimony against Cosby has resulted in a conviction.


Another accuser lives in northern New Mexico, and she said the conviction is a historical moment.

Donna Motsinger kept her story a secret for decades. She didn't think she could come forward until she heard the stories of other women through the news. She accuses Bill Cosby of assaulting her in the 1970s. At the time, she feared she wouldn't be believed.

Motsinger told KOB Thursday's verdict is a breath of fresh air. She claims she connected with Constand back in 2005 when the then-Temple University employee filed a lawsuit against Cosby accusing him of sexual assault.  Motsinger is one of the Jane Does in the lawsuit.

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Reaction to the guilty verdicts for Bill Cosby

KOB: "What you are feeling? Is there a sense of relief? Is there a sense of justice? What is your reaction?"

Motsinger: "You know what I really feel? Because when the verdict came in I was on the phone with her mom and I was in the Smith's grocery store and didn't get good service, but the thing is I've become very close with Andrea and she's like a daughter to us. The first thing that came to my mind is that one person still can make a difference in our justice system because the justice system doesn't always work. It just doesn't. In this case, I know what she went through. I was with her so much and I saw what this meant and what she had to endure for this moment. So for me, yes it's a victory and it's a victory not only for her and the rest of us but justice we couldn't get on our own she got. I'm so proud of her. I'm just happy."

KOB: "You've become close with Andrea, you said. Have you been in contact with her already or are planning to?"

Motsinger: "I'm in contact with her whole family the whole time for years, since 2014. She's been in New Mexico. She loves Santa Fe; she comes to Taos to see me. Yeah, she loves Santa Fe. She goes to Indian Market. The Southwest is a love being from Toronto. She loves the sunshine and I think she loves us too. We love her and so we have been on this journey with her."

KOB: "Do you feel more justice? Is there any kind of closure? Is there any sense of closure to this, or was there already closure when you came forward?"

Motsinger: "You know, I came forward for Andrea in 2004 and before that, I didn't think anybody else had this experience until I saw her on CNN."

KOB: "You thought it was only you?"

Motsinger: "It was only me. So in 2004 when I saw her attorney on CNN and I came forward and I was one of the 13 women that gave her a deposition for her in that case. I didn't know who she was then of course. Then 10 years go by and I had honestly had closure many years before. I don't have this lingering thing. I've had a wonderful husband for 44 years, three children, and a great life. I'm not back there. It's been many years ago. It's been 40-46 years ago. So, when 2014 came and I saw these women coming out again I felt I would be cowardly not to join in because they were being maligned and being called liars and a lot worse than that. So, I came forward again. But between that time in 2014 the day before Thanksgiving I haven't done media. I don't do all that. I don't go out there. I had closure a long time ago and I have been now attached to all of this.

"I didn't need closure. Except for now, it doesn't need to be talked about. It is finished. It's done. To know that something happened to you almost 50 years ago.

"And it's great. I've become friends with a lot of the women. I know that a lot of the women aren't as healthy with all of this as I am first of all. It's not been as long for them, but they also had a bigger struggle than I did. I think this is very healing for them."

KOB: "Have a lot of them reached out to you? You've talked to all of them, right?"

Motsinger: "All of them, but once this happened, it was somewhat of a sisterhood and I've never met any of them personally except for Andrea because I haven't joined in the group things they've done like Dateline and all of that. Listen, I didn't want to make this about me. That's the main issue I had in any of this media stuff. I don't make it about me. This isn't about me. This is about him and this is about due process but it's not about me."

KOB: "What would you say to him right now?"

Motsinger: "I can't imagine. I'm really bad at — I have good empathy. I've never wanted to say foul things about him or to him. This to me is — I'm not one of those. I believe in karma. I believe in allowing things to be what they are and I don't really know. That's a really good question."

KOB: "You have empathy for him?"

Motsinger: "I have empathy for everybody. I have too much empathy. I do not have empathy for what he's done but he's now an 80, almost an 81-year-old man in August. He'll be 81 years old and it looks like he's going to prison. So I don't know, I think, this is how I feel. If someone said if you want to ask me that question again now that I'm thinking about it. I think the guilty verdict is all that needs to be said to him. I wouldn't have anything personally to say to him."

KOB: "Is there anything you want to add?"

Motsinger: "I just want people to know, I just feel really strongly that it's the tenaciousness of Andrea why this moment was here. First of all, she was the only one that was able to have the moment. None of us, the statute of limitations is well past for all of us. Andrea was the only one who could do this. She did it with style and grace and dignity and there's so much respect. The credit goes to her."

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