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Brazen robbers hit small businesses and big box stores

Giuli Frendak
Updated: December 01, 2021 03:29 PM
Created: November 30, 2021 09:32 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Some New Mexicans aren’t worried about spending their holiday budgets, strictly because they’re stealing the goods they want from businesses across the metro.

Danny Brawner, owner of Nakai Trading Company, said he pulled up to his business about two weeks ago to find police already there.

“At first I thought it was for the neighbors,” said Brawner. “But when I realized it was for the business I was thinking worst case scenario. Like something exploded or someone broke in."

And unfortunately, he was right. Surveillance photos showed a man and woman in a silver car, after they cut the bolt on the business’s front gate, and stole between $30-50,000 worth of goods.

"That was our pride and joy areas of the showcases,” said Brawner. “That's where the best stuff was and they went straight for that."

Other robberies and thefts have circulated on social media in recent weeks, like a Nov. 14th incident at Lowe’s in Espanola.

Shoppers caught Aliyah Cordova loading several items into her car, and driving off. Police tracked her down the next day, and charged her with felony shoplifting. Court records show this is the third time she’s been charged with shoplifting this year.

A Rio Rancho woman also posted a video the night before Thanksgiving, showing a bunch of police at the Albertsons market along 528. Police were implementing a plan to catch a suspect they believed robbed several businesses in the area, and it worked.

And just this week, another woman in Albuquerque said she caught two people stealing from Walgreens at Central and Rio Grande, while the manager and security stood by.

She said she spoke up, and took photos, but APD says that’s not always the safest option.

An APD representative said we should all think about our safety first, since a lot of people are armed and unpredictable. They say taking pictures or videos could provoke them, so it’s best to call 911 or report the robbery on the APD app.


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