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Bullets narrowly miss woman during road rage incident

Megan Abundis
Created: February 06, 2020 10:12 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A woman has bullet holes in her car after a confrontation in an Albuquerque shopping center.

Cindy Garza said she it all started when she noticed angry people behind her at a shopping center near Tramway and Central.


“I'm here at the stop sign. When he comes behind me, I'm seeing through the rear view mirror that he's cussing at me and saying all this stuff," she said.

Garza believes the people in the vehicle behind her were in a rush.

Once she made the turn into the parking lot, she said two people got out of their car and walked up to her.

She said they punched her window and kicked her doors.

Garza immediately took out her phone and began recording.

After they stopped hitting her vehicle, Garza said they followed her to a stop light.

"Right here is when they start shooting,” she said. “They pull up in front of me-- almost hitting a truck and they turn this way."

Two bullets hit her vehicle.

“They were shooting to kill because they were shooting at me,” Garza said. “They weren't shooting at other parts of my vehicle."

Garza reported the incident to police, but she is not aware of any arrests being made.

People who recognize the men in her cellphone video are asked to contact police.

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