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Child rapist sentenced to 108 years will likely be released, grand jury re-indicts him

Chris Ramirez
Created: January 29, 2020 10:43 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— A child rapist who was sentenced to 108 years will likely be released from prison.

For the span of three childhoods, three girls lived in chronic fear that Rollie Bruvold would attack again. Girl #1 and Girl #2 did not want to be identified. Girl #3 is Carrie Bruvold, Rollie’s daughter. Carrie now lives out of the country.

“He shouldn't be on the streets and if I can do something, then I'm going to do it because I couldn't live with myself if I knew he got out and started abusing other kids, other little girls,” Carrie said. “I have to do something.”

Earlier this month, the three victims learned that Bruvold would likely be released from prison in a few weeks.

In 2002, Bruvold was indicted for raping three girls throughout their childhoods, but a judge found him incompetent to stand trial. He spent the next 13 years in a state mental hospital.

Bruvold was finally competent to stand trial in 2015, where he was convicted of seven counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor under 13. The judge sentenced him to 108 years.

In 2019, appellate judges dismissed six out of seven counts after Bruvold filed to appeal the jury’s decision. The victims in the case have called that decision an “unfair technicality”.

The court of appeals found the “evidence insufficient” that “Girl #1 was under the age of 13 “to support the conviction.

“I'd really like to make sure that my father goes back to prison where he belongs,” Carrie said.

According to a 1997 CYFD report, the girls stated they touched Bruvold’s genitals. Even though sexual abuse was substantiated, the social workers recommended family therapy for the girls, but did not recommend the girls get a medical exam to document the abuse or notify law enforcement.

Reporter: Now that you're an adult and you look back at what transpired, what CYFD knew and the lack of action they took-- how have you coped with that as an adult?

Carrie: It's been something that has haunted me my whole life. I'm not going to lie. Just for the record, I never received any therapy, there was no family therapy.

After Bruvold’s initial 108 year sentence was secured, the rape charges in Girl #2’s case and Carrie’s case were dropped.

Attorney General Hector Balderas and District Attorney Raul Torres have partnered together to seek justice for Girl #2 and Carrie—and the efforts have worked.

A grand jury just re-indicted Rollie Bruvold on new charged stemming from Girl #2 and Carrie’s cases.

Carrie said she is fully prepared to cooperate with investigators and prosecutors.

“It's very painful, but I am willing to do it, not only so that I receive justice and my family, but also because I believe my father is dangerous and I believe I owe it to our community as well,” she said.

Bruvold will likely get out of prison in a few weeks because of the Court of Appeals’ decision on Girl #1’s case. He will make an appearance in court Thursday to find out when he can be released.

District Attorney Raul Torrez plans on making a special announcement Thursday morning about Bruvold’s case.

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