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Clothing, computer stolen from nonprofit clothing bank

Joy Wang
Updated: June 07, 2020 10:14 PM
Created: June 07, 2020 07:16 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A nonprofit clothing bank that serves the community has become the latest victim of property crime.

Kim Kerschen, director of Locker 505, said they were already on a tight budget.


“It could affect the number of students that we get to see because we won't have the socks, the underwear, the shoes, the shorts, those types of things that we would have typically had to be able to serve those kids. So it's going to affect the number of kids we get to see,” said Kim Kerschen, director of Locker 505.

Kerschen said they were already seeing a greater need for their services because of COVID-19.

Now, a broken window, missing computer and stolen clothing add up to thousands of dollars gone from Locker 505.“You're taking that away from kids that are in need and right now we're seeing a huge increase in the need out there. So to have what little we do have, have a portion of that taken is, again, disheartening,” Kerschen.

Kerschen said if the person who did this had asked for help in the first place, Locker 505 would have done what they could to help.

“Instead, things were taken from us, you know, the repair costs to fix windows, to have somebody clean things up, the time that we have to spend to regroup and to, to go back and try to figure out the funds to repurchase the socks, the underwear, the shoes, when we could have simply given them exactly what they needed,” she said.

“It's truly, truly heart breaking that the kids are going to have to suffer the most out of this whole situation,” said Sabrina Rhineheart, a personal shopper at Locker 505.

“To the person that took from us, you know, I'm sorry that you needed it, I'm sorry, you're in a situation that you needed it that badly and, you know, next time, call us. We'll do our best to help you,” Kerschen added.

To donate to Locker 505, click here.

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