Councilman Davis puts BCSO sheriff on blast, opposes deployment of federal agents to ABQ | KOB 4

Councilman Davis puts BCSO sheriff on blast, opposes deployment of federal agents to ABQ

Megan Abundis
Created: July 21, 2020 10:11 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque City Council President Pat Davis is firing off on Sheriff Manny Gonzales and his plans to meet with President Trump for a public safety meeting.

“Now we see that the President is planning to looking at Albuquerque to send federal officers for help, we are not asking for and don't need and now the sheriff is going to the White House to tell him all about how the president can help us in Albuquerque, and quite frankly we don't need either of their help for this,” Councilman Davis said.

According to a memo obtained by CBS News, the Trump administration is planning to send federal officers to Albuquerque and other cities like Chicago and Kansas City, Missouri. Federal agents are already in place in Portland and have garnered national attention for their tactics to crack down on protesters.

In a tweet, Councilman Davis was already pointing fingers at Sheriff Gonzales.

“If these feds show up here, know who to blame,” the tweet read in part.

“Well the sheriff has never been our partner really in any of these police reform efforts, I mean, he's been the last sort of the last man standing at the OK corral in terms of fighting cameras and police accountability,” Davis said.

Other city leaders, including Mayor Keller, also said they don’t want federal agents to come to Albuquerque. Albuquerque city attorney Esteban Aguilar Jr. cited federal agents’ actions over protests in Portland saying those forces “will break the trust APD and our community have invested years in rebuilding. We did not request this and do not need it. If the Sheriff really wanted to help, he would be here following APD's lead, not in D.C. for a photo-op with Trump."

APD Chief Mike Geier echoed a similar sentiment.

"I truly hope this is a not just a cheap political stunt that will only make our city less safe. We coordinate with our federal law enforcement partners every day. What is being described is not real crime fighting—it's politics standing in the way of police work,” he said.

Bottom line—Davis reiterated that federal officers are not welcome in the city.

“If  the federal government wants to send federal officers into Albuquerque, there's very little we can do to stop them, but we damn sure don't have to cooperate with them, and we've made that clear our law says that our police department wants to support federal agents who are targeting undocumented, or any immigrants in our city,” Davis said. “We won't be supporting federal efforts to break up lawful protest, we've been working with protesters on both sides better in the last few weeks than we did when we began, and so we don't need their help.”

Davis said if it gets to the point where they need to seek injunctions like Portland lawmakers have, they will.

KOB 4 reached out to BCSO for comment, but a spokesperson said there was nothing they could provide us until the sheriff has his public safety meeting with the president Wednesday.

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