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Custom sign business finds opportunity in pandemic

Joy Wang
Created: November 14, 2020 10:22 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A New Mexico business has adapted to the pandemic while also playing a larger role to help keep people safe from COVID-19. 

Before the pandemic, Deluxe Design in Rio Rancho mostly made signs for concerts and other events. 

“This year, obviously has, has put a halt to that temporarily,” said Norm Ruth, with  Deluxe Design. 

When the pandemic hit,  the team got together to think of a new business direction. 

“We did turn our focus to products that were needed in the immediate, such as COVID-19, safety signage,” Ruth said. “ And we also produce architectural signage for construction.”

Deluxe Design jumped at this unusual opportunity the pandemic presented. 

“With the pandemic happening and giving us an opportunity to kind of regroup on some industries that we haven't been focusing on, we got a big opportunity and chance to reach out to the local businesses and connections that we have and didn't really do a lot of work with in the past so it's been really great to be back in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and to help New Mexicans and to help our community a little more and offer them a local solution,” said Lane Glover, with Deluxe Design. 

Deluxe Design also created signs to make neighborhoods more holiday friendly. 

“We took a late night walk and enjoyed all the decorations. This was a fun one. It was a pumpkin that was eating candy corn—one of my favorites,” said Rob Hoffman, with Deluxe Design. 

“This is just a great way for people to connect in a different kind of way than they're used to, you know, with the drive by signs,” said Glover. 

People can come to Deluxe Designs with their own designs, too. 

“We see all the drive by birthdays and drive by graduations, and we can produce the signage if you want to, you know, have decorations so that people can take pictures and posts and still interact with the people they love safely, so I think that is important to continue to be safe, and you know, finish and get this job done on beating this pandemic. And these are just tools to help bring people together,” said Justin Roth, with Deluxe Design. 

Next year, Deluxe Design turns 35. While the team is excited for when live events can safely return, they’re also thankful to be working during a pandemic and creating in a community they love. 

“It's nice to work from home and not from a hotel room, I'll say that,” Roth said.

I think it really just lightens the mood and makes people happy,” Hoffman added. 


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