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Effex Nightclub vandalized during riot, but owner doesn’t blame peaceful protesters

Kai Porter
Updated: June 01, 2020 05:28 PM
Created: June 01, 2020 02:21 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A downtown Albuquerque business owner doesn't want Sunday night’s violent riot to overshadow the peaceful protesters and their message.

Effex Nightclub wasn't spared from the damage following the overnight riot. Crews spent the morning scrubbing off graffiti and boarding up broken windows.


"Thankfully, it's just windows. They did not get inside,” said owner Carri Phillis. “There was no looting inside of our buildings, so obviously I'm very grateful for that. I'm disappointed in the damage that was done, but grateful it was not worse."

Phillis blames a small group for the rioting.

"Watching the protest and knowing people that were at the protest, from what I heard it was extremely peaceful, they did a vigil, they did an amazing job,” said Phillis. “But there apparently were a few people, I'm literally talking maybe one tenth of the people that were there, that seemed like they were a part of anything to cause damage. This was not done by protesters."

Since Effex Nightclub is a bar, it wasn't able to reopen Monday. But Phillis feels for her fellow business owners who were planning to reopen.

"We've been closed for three months, people were going to get to reopen inside today and now anybody on this corridor cannot reopen, and it's really disappointing that, I'm afraid of the people that won't be able to reopen because they can't afford to fix the damage," she said.

Phillis said she hopes the damage doesn't distract from the important message behind the peaceful protest.

"I really hope that the people who chose to loot and riot down here and do so much damage don't get the privilege of taking away the narrative from what people are actually protesting and what needs to be fixed in our country,” said Phillis. “It does not change the narrative for me and I pray that it doesn't for other people."

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