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Father and son spread messages of positivity throughout their neighborhood

Chris Ramirez
Created: April 01, 2020 06:12 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— A family in New Mexico is doing their part to spread positive messages in their community during the pandemic, and they’re encouraging others to do the same thing.

John Keelin and his 5th grade son Archer felt like they had to take all those fears and anxieties and channel it elsewhere.


“Our normalcy was turned upside down instantly overnight. Schools were canceled, jobs were shut down and we felt kind of isolated,’ Keelin said.

“I just thought it would make somebody's day a little happier and it made me feel really good that I did that,” said Archer.

The two wanted to make their Corrales neighborhood a little brighter, so Archer took markers and a road sign and crafted a message for drivers: We are all in this together

“We talked about how difficult it is to feel that we are all together when we have to stay so far apart, so we are doing our part to send a positive message,” Keelin said.

Keelin posted the message to social media and challenged others to find a way to spread positivity in their neighborhood.

“What we wanted to do was flood social media with good news, some positivity that we are all going through this. We're not alone,” he said. “It may help people take their minds off things even if for a small amount of time.”

“I think it would be nice for every community to have one piece of sign like that, or some signs like that just so that everyone can be happy,” Archer added.

If there’s one thing people need more of during this pandemic—it’s happiness, and maybe it all starts with a few markers and some poster board.

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