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Former Gov. Richardson trying to secure release of sick Navy vet in Iran

Hawker Vanguard
Updated: March 27, 2020 10:59 PM
Created: March 27, 2020 08:59 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Former Gov. Bill Richardson is negotiating to bring a Navy veteran, stuck in Iran, home. 

Michael White was granted a medical furlough and released from an Iranian prison last week. However, upon leaving the prison, he became sick. 


White's family is concerned because White is a cancer survivor, with a compromised immune system, and could be infected with COVID-19.

"The Iranians did agree to move him away from prison into a hotel," Richardson said. "That's a good first step, but I said, 'Look, he deserves a medical evacuation back to his family--his mother in Arizona. He's very sick.' And the Iranians are thinking about it. They're contemplating it. I hope they do it. I think we have to stand behind our American hostages all over the world and Americans just trying to get home."

Richardson isn't just concerned about White. He's also helping to get four other Americans home from Iran, a request that could come with conditions.

"Just as a humanitarian gesture, Iran should release them but what happens many times is Iran says we want something in return," Richardson said. "We want an Iranian out of your jails so maybe that's going to happen."

Governor Richardson's foundation is also stepping up to help get Americans home who are stuck in various countries around the world because of the massive reduction in flights to international destinations.

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