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Former Mark Pardo employee said salons are not doing enough to keep people safe

Hawker Vanguard
Updated: July 06, 2020 06:14 AM
Created: July 05, 2020 10:21 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A former salon employee is raising concerns over how Mark Pardo salons in Albuquerque are not doing enough to keep people safe.

The former employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said she believes the salon is not taking the virus seriously and is prioritizing profits over people’s health.

She said it started when the salon did not inform employees about a worker testing positive and when the salon started allowing more customers inside than governor’s public health order allows.

“There was a positive case at another location. The company did not communicate to us when that happened. I actually found out through a news source and then waited to see if there would be communication that would come across and there was nothing until the Monday after the weekend,” she said “I brought up occupancy and the 25 percent maximum several times and they told me the occupancy on the certification on the door was not correct. They made up their own number when we came back on June 1. Maximum occupancy was 15, which means 25 percent should be three to four people… also telling us employees don’t count in occupancy counts.”

The former employee said she brought up her concerns to management and went as far as contacting the health department, but nothing was done to fix the issue.

KOB 4 reached out to Mark Gonzales, owner of Mark Pardo salons, to ask about the response time to notifying customers and employees about the positive test at his West Side location.

“We acted immediately as soon as we got this information because we have to follow guidelines. There are no guidelines from the CDC or the governor in response to notification. The employee that notified us was not on the premises and we took action the minute we had the information," Gonzales said.

Gonzales said all of his locations are following reduced capacity guidelines from the state. Employees wear masks and every customers has their temperature checked and are asked health-related questions before an appointment.

No one who came into contact with the COVID-positive worker at the West Side location has also tested positive.

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