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Georgia Tech researchers create COVID-19 risk assessment map

Patrick Hayes
Created: August 10, 2020 06:17 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —Researchers at Georgia Tech have created an interactive map that shows the risk of getting exposed to COVID-19 based on location and group size.

"And what we do is take in the population of the county, we take in the number of cases in the last 14 days and we take in the event size,” Dr. Clio Andris, assistant professor at Georgia Tech.

Based on that information, the map shows the estimated chance that someone in the crowd is positive for COVID-19.

Experts said events can be anything outside of someone’s family including parties or protests. The map also automatically updates on a daily basis and lets people change event sizes to get more accurate estimates.

"It's really important to include up to date information because it helps people make decisions like last minute decisions. For example, a decision to travel, if you're going to see somebody, or a decision to hold an event or to say 'You know what. We're just going to have this online,’” Dr. Andris said.

According to the map, people in southeast New Mexico have a higher chance of being exposed to the virus than people in other parts of the state. However, Cibola County—which is located in the central western part of the state— has the highest rate of someone being positive at 99% at a 100-person event.

In Bernalillo County, there’s a 76% chance of being exposed to a person with COVID in a crowd size of 100 or a 99% chance in a crowd of 500.

"So if you have an event with 500 people in Bernalillo County, you're inviting the virus as well,” Dr. Andris said.

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