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How to report potholes to the city and file a claim for damages

Patrick Hayes
Created: January 22, 2020 06:54 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— An Albuquerque man is asking the city to compensate him for the damage that a pothole caused to his car, but the city is refusing to pay up.

Paul Galindro said he ran over a pothole back in December and called 311, but no one answered.


"You know, 311 and it goes to risk management and they do have all the records,” Galindro said.

Galindro took his car to his dealership but said he couldn’t afford to fix it.

"They gave me a breakdown on the cost of my rim, my tire and realigning the vehicle and it came to right under $900 for the repairs, but I’m 69 years old on a fixed income and that was kind of high for me at the particular time,” he said.

City officials said they will pay for the damages that a pothole causes to a car, but there’s a catch. Potholes have to be reported to the city before it damages a car otherwise they are not responsible.

A claim must also be filed within 90 days of the days of the incident in order for someone to be compensated.

"Well, I'd like the city, risk management to take a second look at this and give me a better explanation why they denied the claim and if they're going to take care of it after the fact,” Galindro said.

City officials said Galindro did everything right, however they don’t have a record of him calling 311. The problem pothole was not reported until the following Monday—the day city officials fixed it.

The city sent KOB 4 the following statement about properly reporting potholes:

"The City relies, in part, on residents to report issues like potholes on roadways, then responds by sending crews out to repair problems.

The pothole that damaged Mr. Galindro's vehicle had not been reported or identified, so on that basis we denied the claim. When the pothole was reported, two days after this damage, our crew fixed it that same day.

We take safety on our roadways seriously and appreciate the calls we receive to 311 notifying the City of any issues that need to be addressed."

People can report a pothole using the city’s 311 app.

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