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Inspired by Chicano culture, UNM professors plan to start fashion blog

Tessa Mentus
Updated: May 07, 2020 10:34 PM
Created: May 07, 2020 09:42 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A pair of Chicano and Chicana studies professors at the University of New Mexico are starting a new fashion blog.

"La Dama y el Catrin" will focus on the politics, culture and meaning behind fashion.

"I'm from the South Valley, and so there's a lot of resistance in terms of how people dress there, and so I take a lot of my style profile from just my community, and there's just a long history of resistance in terms of the Chicano movement," said Bernadine Hernandez.

"We thought that it would be interesting to be able to track that history through our own style profiles, and actually give a history of the fabrics that people are actually wearing," she added.

Hernandez said people will also get a crash course in the fashion of chola culture, which she believes shouldn't have a negative connotation.

"We were kind of labeled as deviant as resistors, as the troubled kids, right? But I think that, that by wearing more masculine presenting clothes by wearing all kinds of clothes that presented a type of shield for us that presented a type of, I guess, we weren't gonna kind of take anything from anybody and that put us in a box of us growing up," she said. 

Hernandez and Francisco Galarate say they also want the blog to be a source of entertainment and education--- free of any COVID-19 talk.

However, they have some advice for the virtual meetings so many people are taking part in.

"You have a t-shirt that's your favorite t-shirt, you know, kind of prioritize that and build around that right and try to professionalize that based on whatever your kind of work environment might be," Galarte said.

The pair hopes to have their blog up by next week.

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