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Jeep that father, daughter fixed up together stolen in downtown Albuquerque

Brittany Costello
Updated: January 23, 2020 07:11 PM
Created: January 23, 2020 05:37 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A Jeep that a father and daughter had been working on was stolen in Albuquerque.

“She actually put her own time, her own money into the vehicle to make it the way she wanted it for her first vehicle,” said Dominic Archuleta.


He and his daughter spent six months fixing the Jeep up.

They put a lift on it, removed the sunroof, put in new interior and steering.

“I was going to get everything finished, buttoned up for her and she was going to have it this weekend,” Archuleta said.

On Wednesday, he drove the Jeep to work in downtown Albuquerque, and it was stolen off the street.

“Here at the park-and-pay near Tijeras and 8th Street,” Archuleta said.

Archuleta said he has parked in the same area for the past two year, and never had a problem.

He said telling his daughter that someone stole her Jeep was extremely difficult.

“All she said is at first she was like, 'please tell me you're lying.’ I told her, unfortunately, ‘baby, “I’m not,’ and after that it went to, 'OK well I’m going to go cry now.'”

Archuleta reported the theft to police, but he is now asking for the public’s help.

“I’m really frustrated,” he said. “I’m not happy with the way the system is going. I’m not happy with the way Albuquerque is not getting the crime problem that we have addressed.”

Archuleta says this Jeep was recently Rhino-lined, so it will be rough to the touch.

Anyone with information about the Jeep is encouraged to contact police.

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