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Judge sentences man in CNM lecture hall for future law professionals

Ryan Laughlin
Created: November 14, 2019 06:35 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Metro Court Judge Yvette Gonzales sentenced a man for drinking and driving Thursday in a CNM lecture hall.

The man agreed to be sentenced in front of future law professionals to knock off time for his mandated community service.

"I think most people feel that DWIs only happen when people are belligerently drunk or swerving all over the road while driving and that's just not the case,” the man said to the class.

He said he had a few drinks while he was eating appetizers and watching sports. He was later pulled over on I-25 for speeding.

Police took the man back to MDC to serve his minimum jail time.

"Seeing the person get handcuffed at the end really hits you with reality,” said CNM student Madison Griego. “The consequences that it has not only on yourself, but the community.”

"It's different seeing it in-person than hearing about on the news or seeing it in media of sorts,” said CNM student Nick Pierce.

Judge Gonzales said she hoped students learned something valuable.

"I hope so, I hope at least one or two were affected by this,” she said.

By seeing the process take place, Judge Gonzales said she hopes students will have a better grasp on how the legal system works.

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