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Lack of sleep: the consequences and how to make it up

Colton Shone
January 05, 2018 07:35 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Americans are sleepy. Many sleep experts say most people don't get the recommended number of hours each night. That sleep debt adds up.


The holidays are over so many of us are getting into our normal routines. That means going to sleep at a certain time to get ready for work or school. But sleep experts say most of us still don't get enough shut eye..

"In our society it's extremely common," said Dr. Lee Brown with the UNM Hospital Sleep Disorder Center.

He says accumulating a lot of sleep debt can affect your kids' performance at school. They might fall asleep in class. Also, adults are at risk of putting themselves in danger as well. For instance, falling asleep at the wheel.

"Sleep loss also increases the risk of Type Two Diabetes. So the public health consequences of insufficient sleep are really profound," Brown said.

So can you payback the sleep debt? Well, Dr. Brown says that depends.

"People frequently do that, they sleep late on weekends. Yes, that does relieve the sleep debt over the weekend," he said.

But he says people normally fall back in the habit of going to bed late and waking up not fully rested. He says the best course of action is for people to stay on a sleep schedule as much as possible. 


Colton Shone

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