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Local photographers give pointers for fall photoshoots

Casey Torres
Created: October 23, 2020 12:34 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico is picturesque with the different colors of fall. It’s the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, however, many professional photographers are booked up.

Danielle Garciduenas with Duenas Photography and Michelle Douglas with Michelle Douglas Photography didn’t want to “leaf” anyone high and dry. Both say folks can take pretty darn good pictures with their smartphones.

Their first tip is to take pictures during the golden hour, which is right after sunrise or before sunset.

“The reason why you choose those types is because the light is softer, creating shadows, so when you’re smiling into the camera you don’t have to worry about squinting with sun in your eyes,” said Douglas.

She said you can use it as a backlight to really make the background pop.

“Try to avoid any times where the sun is directly above your head because that’s when you get all the shadows under here, here and here,” said Garciduenas as she pointed to different points on her face.

Now, when it comes to photography with children—be prepared.

“Have a vision, and this is especially important if you have children because we all know, little kids especially, they don’t have the longest attention span,” said Douglas.

Garciduenas added, “Action photos! Let’s do a lot of candids, so let’s encourage our kids with air bubbles or to jump up and throw leaves.”

Get creative with your angles as well. You can safely climb up a tree or table to take a picture from a high spot aiming down, or get down low with your subject above you.

Also, experiments with the different settings on your camera phone. Both photographers say they can make a big difference, so don’t be scared to have fun with them!

If you end up going alone for a photoshoot without a tripod, you can always count on a selfie. Even though it seems simple, there are ways to get it wrong. Garciduenas said to keep the phone as far away from your face. The closer it is, the bigger some features might end up looking. You can also use the sun as a backlight at 45 degree angles.

Don't forget to avoid facing the sun. It can cause you to look washed out, squint and have your phone’s shadow showing. Don’t shoot from down low, or you’ll end up with a bad look.

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