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Los Alamos National Lab uses new supercomputer to study COVID-19

Casey Torres
Created: November 06, 2020 11:26 AM

SANTA FE, N.M. — Los Alamos National Laboratory has a new High Performance Computer (HPC) called Chicoma to help fight COVID-19.

Karissa Sanbonmatsu, a scientist with LANL, is using the supercomputer along with other scientists.

“I’m on a project where we’re using the supercomputers to help design drugs that will work as therapeutics for COVID-19,” said Sanbonmatsu. "There are a number of other efforts at Los Alamos. Some (scientists) are looking at how the disease spreads throughout the population and through the country to try to look at the strategies to stop the spread.”

The new tech also helps scientists create large scale molecular simulations of the virus. In the video above, you can see what the protein structure of COVID-19 looks like.

“We’re trying to look at how the COVID-19 virus could somehow affect your chromosomes. There’s evidence that other viruses do impact the shape of your chromosomes which can, in the long run, affect how your body responds," she said. "We’re wondering if that could be true for COVID."

Sanbonmatsu said they still don’t know why some people are more resilient to the virus than others, but maybe the supercomputer can help find an answer.

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