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Making sense of the census: What questions will be asked on the 2020 census?

Joy Wang
Created: November 16, 2019 09:41 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— The U.S. Census Bureau will start collecting data for the 2020 census in February.

The census will ask families to provide information like name, birthdate, address and how many people live in each household.


The census will not ask people about their citizenship.

“Census data is not directly shared with any government agency. The census takes the data and does statistics and cumulative analysis and that analysis is then available to the public and to other government agencies,” said Sue Linder Linsley, assistant regional census manager.

Linsley said the agency takes measures to protect people’s identities.

“We are very careful to make sure that no one person or one household can be identified,” she said.

Census information is encrypted. Federal officials said the system it four to six times more secure than the average bank.

“The census data first and foremost helps set the representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and also determines the allocation in billions of federal funds each year,” Linsley said.

If people do not fill out the census, a census taker might go to people’s homes to try and help. Linsley said people should look for valid identification from census takers.

“They should have a census badge. They should have census identified equipment with them,” she said.

U.S. Census Bureau officials said the collected information could impact the community.

“You want to make sure that you're counted, your neighbors are counted so that your community gets their fair share of the federal money that’s being distributed,” Linsley said.

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