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Money offered to Albuquerque for Operation Legend in limbo

Nathan O'Neal
Updated: August 28, 2020 06:32 PM
Created: August 28, 2020 03:43 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The federal government offered the City of Albuquerque $10 million to hire 40 more officers, but it's unclear whether the city will actually get the money.

The city has taken issue with one of the stipulations of the grant, which is part of the Operation Legend program. 

"My understanding was that there was concern about the immigration condition in the grant documents," said U.S. Attorney John Anderson.

Anderson said the money is now in limbo.

"In order to get that funding, the city has to sign off on the award document and officially accept the award," he said. "At this point the city has not done that yet."

Anderson said he believes Albuquerque is the only city, which has been offered money, to refuse it.

Mayor Keller appeared to say things are moving forward.

"I do believe it has to go to council and I think we got assurances that the funding wasn't going to be anything like what we saw in Portland," Keller said. "We got those in writing and then we notified them that 'okay let's try to work together like we always do.'"

The Albuquerque Police Department confirmed the grant is going to the city council for approval, and added the grant money was being discussed before the launch of Operation Legend. 

Albuquerque is on pace for another record-breaking near of homicides, and Anderson believes the city can use the money.

"Operation Legend is about combating dangerous crime and gun crime in our cities," he said. "It's not about policing any kind of protest in our city. It's not about immigration enforcement."

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