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Neighbor uses shotgun to stop Christmas Eve burglar

Patrick Hayes
Created: December 24, 2019 06:10 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—A man who was allegedly trying to break into cars in a northeast Albuquerque neighborhood was caught red-handed by a resident.

Dwight Rivera said he woke to the sound of screaming early Tuesday morning and found his neighbor had pulled a shotgun on a man attempting to break into his car.

"This morning early at three o'clock my RING went off and I saw a man with shotgun and yelling at somebody and I thought it was just a fight but it was somebody breaking into the car and he caught him red-handed,” Rivera said.

Rivera said he could hear his neighbor yelling commands at the alleged burglar over his security system.

“‘Stay down or I'll blow your head off. Don't move!’ And he was complaining that ‘Oh my back is hurting me, I have to get up,’ and he said if you move ‘I swear I'll shoot you’ and you hear this on the RING,” he said.

Police eventually responded and arrested Dakota Estrada. This was the fourth time since September that Estrada has been arrested for breaking into cars.

"These guys should be put in jail for doing this stuff. I could have been shot by the crossfire. This is crazy. And around Christmas time this is even more crazy,” Rivera said.

Estrada was charged with auto burglary. He will make an appearance in court later this week.

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