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Neighbors fed up with 'problem house' in NE Albuquerque

Joy Wang
November 19, 2017 10:27 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – It’s the kind of house nobody wants to live near to, and one which neighbors say is bringing drug addicts and criminals into their neighborhood.


All the warning signs are in plain sight – syringes on the ground and car sans license plate parked in the driveway.

“At this particular location, this house has been a nuisance to us,” said Mark Garron, who lives nearby. “There’s been drug addicts in and out. It’s been a mess.”

It’s a mess they’re trying to get cleaned up. Over and over again, residents in the neighborhood say they’ve called the city – to no avail. KOB has also reached out to city officials and expects to hear back on Monday.

“We’ve called three, four times because the yelling, the screaming…somebody’s going to get killed with that kind of screaming,” Garron said. “I mean, (it’s) bloody murder. That’s usually when we call the cops.”

Another neighbor, Steve Ausherman, said the fact that kids commonly walk through the area is enough for the supposed activity at the house to be cause for concern.

“You can’t feel safe in your own home. You can’t feel safe on your own property. It feels as if your cars and home are about to be burglarized any minute,” Ausherman said.

Even the most ordinary of sights at the house holds some kind of criminal underpinnings. Once, stolen property was on display at a yard sale on the property.

“It was a junkyard at best,” Ausherman said.

Earlier in November, neighbors said, firefighters and police showed up to the home located near Juan Tabo and Lomas, after someone had apparently set it on fire.

“A neighbor heard a knocking and it was someone trying to kick in the front door of this property. They kicked in the door, ran inside quickly, ran out,” Ausherman said. “The property then started on fire.”

KOB visited the house Sunday and knocked on the door; no one answered. But tags from Animal Welfare were on the door, and there were even fliers lying around.

“If someone can renovate this property, that’s great,” Ausherman said. “If the bank owns it, the bank needs to do something. It’s not OK that a neighborhood should be held hostage by criminals.”

“Albuquerque is a great place to live. New Mexico’s an incredible state. Our citizens deserve better.”


Joy Wang

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