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New family law firm offers cost-saving tool

Emily Jaceks
October 11, 2018 08:38 AM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - It sounds counterintuitive, but the new family law firm of Armstong, Roth, Whitley, and Johnstone said they've actually found a way to lower your divorce bill.


“The old concept of divorce and the old concept of the law is really litigation based and so you’re gathering information, and your attorneys are gathering information, paralegals are doing that as well, and really clients are sort of the last to know,” Emma Whitley said.

But these attorneys said their goal is to keep their cases out of court by focusing on mediation, negotiation, and problem-solving.

“Judges will say the good attorneys are the ones I never see. It's a compliment when a judge says ‘did I have to give you directions to get here today because I never see you,’” Whitley said.

And they're doing it by going high-tech, using the latest computer software.

“It's really cutting out the middleman. So the idea is creating greater efficiencies for parties and greater transparency,” Whitley said.

It's called Dtour life, and it allows the client to upload important documents required for the divorce, like financial statements and information on cash flow and community property, and share those with their attorney, their spouse, and the opposing counsel.

“So it's a way to really skip some of that initial intake process and really cue me into the issues early on in the case,” Whitley said.

Allowing the client to do the work a paralegal would traditionally do, saving them hundreds of dollars. 

“So, wife can say ok, if I kept the house and refinanced it, here's what the payment would look like. Here's what my cash flow's gonna look like going forward. It allows the clients to play around with those tools as well. And usually, those tools have been limited to the attorneys,” Whitley said.


Emily Jaceks

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