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People describe chaos on evening of Oñate protest shooting

Ryan Laughlin
Updated: August 13, 2020 05:21 PM
Created: August 13, 2020 02:46 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A woman who was thrown to the ground prior to a shooting at a Juan de Oñate protest testified at the shooter's preliminary hearing Thursday.

Julie Harris was thrown to ground by Steven Baca.


"I couldn't believe what happened," Harris said in court. "Like, that somebody would do that."

Harris described the chaos before being thrown to ground.

"I felt like I had hands on my body, and he was pushing me to the side and chest bumping me," she said. 

Harris said she went to the protest alone, and was not affiliated with any organized group.

The defense asked if she initiated contact by backing into him.

"I mean, it could've been it - it was - I guess so, yes," she said. "It was in a crowd. Like, I wasn't trying to step backwards into him, I was trying move around the crowd."

Baca is charged with aggravated battery for throwing Harris to the ground. He's also charged with shooting Scott Williams. 

"It was right around when the women came up and was offering her services as some kind of doctor that we heard gunshots," she said.

A man who was caught in the middle of the gunfire also testified about trying to restrain Baca. 

"At this point, Baca is getting up, I'm still struggling with him to hold his shirt," the man said. "He gets up and I began to get up as well. He begins to break free. I believe he shoots at me and misses, then he begins to shoot more and I begin to run away."

The man managed to get away unharmed.

The preliminary hearing will continue Friday.

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