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Police video released in fatal DWI crash arrest

Brian Fetting
January 17, 2018 10:20 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Recently released video gives a clearer picture of the aftermath of a deadly crash in northeast Albuquerque last month.


What emergency responders saw at the scene led authorities to arrest 30-year-old Steven Deskin. Police said he was driving drunk with his children in the back seat. Witnesses said he was driving 100 miles an hour, crashing into another driver and killing them.

When officers arrived at Montgomery and Wyoming Dec. 29, Deskin was his child on the sidewalk. Deskin told officers he didn't know who hit who, but they suspected something pretty quickly.

Officer: "Have you had anything to drink tonight?
Deskin: "Yes, I have."
Officer: "How much do you think?"
Deskin: "About a glass and a half."

Officers took Deskin into a gas station parking lot to question him further.

Deskin: "Yes. Please. Good, because I feel like I'm a f***ing criminal and you guys are pissing me off."
Officer: "Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way, sir. But we have reason to believe, you know, that you've had some alcohol tonight."
Deskin: "The last drink I had was at 12:45 today."
Officer: "Well, we've got investigate that regardless."

Deskin continues to protest. Officers asked him to perform a few field sobriety tests. They arrested Deskin, but not without a battle.

Officer: "At this point, you are going to be placed under arrest."
Deskin: "For what?"
Officer: "Relax and I will tell you."
Deskin: "I'm relaxed. For what?"
Officer: "For driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs."

Deskin had one last protest as he was being cuffed.

Deskin: "I ain't going in no car until my kids are picked up."
Officer: "You don't really have that decision."
Deskin: "Yes I do, because you haven't given me no rights. You haven't given me no rights, and my kids are in a civilian presence."

Officers led Deskin to the patrol car anyway. He faced a judge the next morning and was charged with homicide by vehicle and two counts of child abuse.


Brian Fetting

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