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Quality severely lacking in seller's custom NFL cups, customer says

Kasia Gregorczyk
January 11, 2018 10:10 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Just before Christmas, Albuquerque resident Amanda Sanchez took a chance on a local seller offering custom NFL cups. She even shared a screen grab of the original post and what the cups looked like as advertised.


Sanchez said the first red flag after her husband picked up the cups from the seller was the way they arrived wrapped. They were supposed to be wrapped in corresponding NFL paper to each NFL cup. Sanchez said the cups came in boxes, wrapped in Xerox paper.

But what Sanchez found underneath that paper left her truly speechless.

"It was nowhere near what I was kind of expecting," she said.

Sanchez bought eight cups for a total of $70 in all, and she said not a single one of them was satisfactory.

"Just about all of them are printed paper off of her home computer and she put masking tape over them," Sanchez said.

Tape, smudged glue and hanging pieces of paper can be seen.

"She even went out of her way to put capes, I believe she called them super capes, on two of the cups," Sanchez said

But when Sanchez actually got a look at those cups with the capes, she was speechless yet again.

"The one for the Broncos is crooked, clearly glued on crooked and cut crooked and the material on the end is fraying apart."

Sanchez describes the other as "a couple different pieces of material glued together to make one piece of material."

Frustrated, Sanchez she contacted the seller wanting a refund. She provided a message where the seller set a day to give Sanchez her money back, but soon after says she was blocked on social media.

KOB even tried giving the seller a call at her last listed phone number. The phone number came back as not in service.

After her bad experience, Sanchez is now warning others. She posted on social media and has already received dozens of comments, some even sharing they've been duped by the same woman.

Sanchez said she's still willing to return the cups for a refund if the seller gets in touch with her. KOB did get in touch with the seller on Facebook, who claimed she gave Sanchez $50 back of the $70 she paid. According to Sanchez, that is not true.

To sell any kind of NFL merchandise, sellers must be licensed.


Kasia Gregorczyk

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