Reports reveal hundreds of unresolved 311 cases, city tries to improve | KOB 4

Reports reveal hundreds of unresolved 311 cases, city tries to improve

Reports reveal hundreds of unresolved 311 cases, city tries to improve

Ryan Laughlin
Updated: November 19, 2019 11:12 AM
Created: November 18, 2019 06:23 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Recent reports reveal hundreds of unresolved 311 inquiries across multiple city departments.

Earlier this year Mayor Tim Keller said he wanted to improve the city’s responsiveness by generating a list of unresolved 311 calls that former Mayor Richard Berry had stopped.


"When 311 started, the mayor would get a list of all the complaints from 311 that were unresolved for more than 30 days,” Keller said.

When KOB 4 asked for this list, we were instead given the standard 311 call log reports and were told these reports are now sent to the city’s department heads, as well as the mayor, about what is not getting fixed.

City officials were not able to provide a specific list of unresolved calls after 30 days to KOB 4, but said changes have been made to try and improve 311.

"I think the most significant change is the departments are taking a proactive approach in managing the tickets that come in from 311, and they're really working on resolve the issues that come in as quickly as they come in,” said 311 supervisor Carrie Prothero.

The 311 call log reports show the Department of Municipal Development has 295 open cases regarding non-urgent street repairs, the Parks and Recreation Department has 55 open reports of needles and there are a staggering 961open reports of abandoned vehicles.

City officials explain that the reports are not perfect indicators of what is getting done.

For example, the Department of Solid Waste has taken tens of thousands of calls in the last four months but only report three open cases.

Prothero said some departments may close a case before the issues is actually resolved.

“Some departments have their own internal processes, so they'll close the ticket with 311 but they have their own system that manages the ticket going forward,” she said.

Some cases that have been resolved may not have been reported as resolved to 311.

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