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Republican Party of New Mexico continue campaigning efforts despite president's health

Casey Torres
Updated: October 03, 2020 07:54 PM
Created: October 03, 2020 06:58 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM— As President Donald Trump receives care at the Walter Reed Medical Center, uncertainty grows in how he will handle his election. In New Mexico, the Republican Party of New Mexico said they aren't changing their campaigning efforts or any other protocols.

“COVID or no COVID, this is a crucial time in the state. This is a crucial time in our country,” said Anissa Tinnin, Executive Director of the RPNM.  “We’re still going as we were. It doesn't change anything here for us. We're still focused on flipping New Mexico red. We still have our ground-game going. We still have our digital efforts going."

Tinnin explained there have been no known incidents following their events.

“We always encouraged people to use their judgement and wear masks and social distancing, and so we’ve always encouraged that with people when they come to our events,” she said.

Tinnin also addressed the exchange between President Trump and Democratic Candidate Joe Biden during the debate on masks. The president mocked Biden for wearing his mask when not necessary, and in return, Biden called out the president for not wearing his mask enough.

When asked if anything changed when the president tested positive for COVID-19, Tinnin said no.

She hopes the president and First Lady recover quickly, so he can get back to campaigning.

She also said him being sick could help in the quest for a vaccine.

“Being able to speed up the process of a vaccine and therapeutic treatment is crucial right now. And the President is going to be able to experience this first hand and how this needs to be handled,” she said.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico commented on the president’s condition and sent the following statement:

“Our thoughts are with the President and the First Lady, and we wish them both a quick and complete recovery. COVID-19 can truly affect anyone, and we encourage all New Mexicans to continue to do their part to prevent the spread of this disease.” 

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