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Rio Rancho mayor urges people to stay home after COVID-19 cases spike in Sandoval County

Brittany Costello
Updated: April 08, 2020 06:34 AM
Created: April 07, 2020 10:01 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Sandoval County over the weekend has Rio Rancho Mayor Greggory Hull echoing the same message people have heard time and time again: Do not go out if you don’t have to.

While Sandoval County officials work to reassure residents, they are staying prepared to help in any way necessary.

“We haven’t added any additional restrictions other than assessing different things that get closed,” said Mayor Hull.

Mayor Hull said the city has already shut down many of the municipal facilities like the libraries, aquatic center and community centers, as well as some parks. They most recently added closing playground equipment.

“It is still a problem. We have people showing up to parks and we need to remind people that we need you to not go to the parks especially if the parks are posted as closed. We need you to respect that,” he said.

Officers will be asking people to disperse if they are caught in large groups.

“The sooner we can get this, flatten the curve, see the downside of this, the sooner we can start wrapping things up, the sooner we can open up stores again,” said Mayor Hull.

Sandoval County has now reached 128 confirmed positive coronavirus cases.

However, broken down even further, most of those cases are on the Pueblos. San Felipe Pueblo has 52 cases and there are 31 cases on the Zia Pueblo.

“Just stay at home as much as possible,” said Mayor Hull. “We know you need to get out for food. We get that, you need to get out for medication, and we get that, but go and get that then get home as quickly as possible.”

Mayor Hull said the city is working with the Chamber to provide necessary resources for seniors who may not be able to get them on their own. People can access those resources and volunteers by calling this hotline: 505-892-1533.

The next step is to get a plan in place to help the local businesses make it through these tough times. 

“We’ve already started developing what we’re calling the Business Recovery Center, which is a business recovery hub, where were working with local businesses to try and get them the information that they need to tap into the federal dollars and what the recovery might look like once the order is lifted,” Hull said.

For more information about the Business Recovery Center, click here.

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