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Search warrant reveals who supplied guns, ammo for 'Rust'

Chase Golightly
Updated: November 30, 2021 10:09 PM
Created: November 30, 2021 03:56 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New details are emerging about the deadly shooting on the set of "Rust" in Santa Fe.

A new search warrant filed Tuesday reveals who supplied the guns and ammo for the movie, including the gun Alec Baldwin fired during rehearsal, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza. The supplier was a film prop business called PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC. 

The search warrant indicates the live ammunition of the set of “Rust” might have originated with Thell Reed, father of “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. 

The filing indicates Thell Reed, who is also an armorer, did not intentionally provide the live rounds, but ammunition he brought to an earlier, separate production might have made its way to the set, by way of Seth Kenney, owner of PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC.

Thell Reed told investigators a few months ago, he and Kenney were working together and were part of firearms training with the actors. 

Kenney asked Reed to bring "live ammunition."

When production ended, Thell said Kenney took the ammo and after several attempts to get it back, he told Thell to quote "write it off." 

KOB 4 visited the PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC Albuquerque office on Monroe Street, but no one answered the door. The blinds were closed and there were no signs on the door saying what the business is.

According to the latest warrant, when Santa Fe deputies were interviewing the set's armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, she told them Seth Kenney with PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC supplied the guns and ammo.

According to the document, Kenney told detectives the ammo he provided to the set included dummy rounds and blanks, from a manufacturer called Starline Brass. 

The search warrant indicates authorities want to seize items from the business, such as:

  • Documentation in relation to the set of "Rust"
  • Ammunition, live or spent, any and all boxes and/or containers 
  • Detectives also want to see any types of surveillance from the business. 

KOB 4 also received a statement from the attorney for Gutierrez-Reed regarding Tuesday's search warrant:

“The Sheriff’s Office has taken a huge step forward today to unearth the full truth of who put the live rounds on the Rust set, by executing a search warrant on PDQ Arm & Prop, owned by Armorer-Mentor, Seth Kenney. We trust that the FBI will now compare and analyze the “live rounds” seized from the set to evidence seized in the search warrant to conclusively determine where the live rounds came from. In keeping with the early findings and concerns of our own internal investigation, which were echoed by a detailed report in the LA Times, we also hope that there will be further investigation into the important detail about a new ammunition box seen on set the day of the shooting.  The questions of who introduced the live rounds onto the set and why are the central questions in the case. Today’s warrant is a major step towards answering those questions and we commend the Sheriff’s Office and their lead investigator on their continuing tireless work to find the truth.”

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